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About Keys2MemoryCare™
Keys2MemoryCare® has been in development since 2010. 

          Why am I offering this care model? 

  • As a Nurse Practitioner in the fields of Neurology and Geriatrics for over 30 years, I personally identified an urgent need for dementia care access and higher standards of care for dementia clients. 
  • As an ICU staff member, many times my patients were admitted for emergencies, and dementia was not documented in the Past Medical History. If we knew, what a difference we could have made in their care planning! 
  • In my clinical practice, Keys2Memory®, my clients and caregiving families tell me how hard it is to access dementia care including: getting a diagnosis and the medical explanation of the disease, receiving education concerning the disease's impact, and directions for support and community resources. 
  • Also, many of my colleagues in many primary care practices don't have the time and toolkit to tackle this growing disease and the looming care need for baby boomers' cognitive impairment in the coming decades.

Keys2MemoryCare® Cognitive Impairment Care Model© is built upon my Keys2Memory® clinical practice in Connecticut and the guidelines I use daily to treat my diverse community. It is a dementia care program based on my empathy-based and person-centered philosophy of care, current state of medicine's treatment of dementia, gero-psychosocial principals, my own program of doctoral research, the input from my professional colleagues who work daily in the care of gerontology, and finally, ... 'real life.'

I am passionate about dementia care. I welcome all comments, questions and ideas to make this practice model comprehensive, deliver quality standards and affect dementia care for the better.

Thank you for visiting this page.​

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Elena Schjavland, PhD CT-APRN
Adult and Geriatric Board Certified Nurse Practitioner 
Neuro-critical Care Dementia and Behavioral Health Expert.
When I was 5, I knew I wanted to be a nurse like my mom. I have been blessed with that career!

I am a Retired Commander, US Navy Nurse Corps; a Disabled Veteran; veteran of Operations Desert Storm & Desert Shield; a 'Woman-owned Small Business'; a member of the Southeast Connecticut Women's Network; and a frequent participant with SCORE. 

Most recent Nurse Practitioner positions: 
-Owner and Practitioner: Keys2Memory Practice  — 5 years
-Hartford Hospital's Trauma Neuro ICU,
-Yale's Medical ICU, 
-Multiple CT assisted living, residential and acute care nursing facilities, 
-The Proactive Memory Care Project and The 3-D (Depression, Delirium & Dementia) Project, research studies at UConn Farmington, Center on Aging.

PhD Doctoral Research at the University of Connecticut.
Focus: Neurocognitive disease and neuropsychiatric testing; early diagnosis and personalized health care for persons with dementia and family - caregivers. 
Program of Research: diagnosis & evaluation of Baby Boomers with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), treatment of mild-moderate and young onset dementia living in the community, the meaning of dementia symptoms to the caregiver, Pre and post-dementia disease spouse and caregiver relationship closeness, behaviors and neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia, co-occurring geriatric syndromes, Chronic Sorrow Theory, family centered models of care for clients with dementia, and advanced technology/computerized testing for cognition.About me...
We are also Keys2Memry®
...putting the heart first in neurocognitive disease care™